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"Amazing! Gina is a true professional and in a perfect setting in New Preston. Love that she also does home visits too! We're so happy with our massage session and will definitely be back!"

                  - Unlocking Connecticut

"Recently went for a massage mainly for relaxation but also for super tight shoulders from working on a computer all day. It was amazing! So professional and Gina targeted areas that really helped my shoulders feel better. I was very relaxed after and felt great for many days after. I highly recommend her it was incredible."

      - Deanna Pelillo

"Would highly recommend Gina. She was able to come to our lake house and set up for a few messages over the weekend which was ideal."

     - Scott Johnson

Gina is wonderful! I've seen her a few times now and I'm very happy with the progress we have made with managing my pain. Her studio is clean and quiet and the whole experience has been nothing but relaxing.

- Tina Gardner

"After having a mastectomy with numerous lymph nodes removed I was having upper back/neck pains. I decided to try out a massage to help alleviate the tension and let me tell you, it worked magic. Gina was extremely professional, asked where my problem areas were and worked on them helping relieve the pressure. I have had some massages that actually left me with slight bruising but my massage with Gina was just the right amount of pressure. After my first massage I felt such relief instantly. Not only did I receive a great massage but she was very polite and made me feel comfortable the whole time. I can’t wait for my next massage with Gina!"

      - Heather Sullivan

"Gina Hansel's massages are out of this world! My body has been in so much pain lately due the amount of workouts I do weekly. I came to her for a session and I got off that table feeling restored and replenished. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and will be coming back to her for another session!"

  - Nickson Bran


"I am lucky enough to receive massages by Gina Hansel. I initially went there with severe neck stiffness and within minutes, she was able to ease my neck pain, headaches and lower back pain while increasing my range of motion. She’s so pleasant and so personable. Gina truly personalizes her massage to fit your individual needs. Every time I see her, I leave feeling like a whole new person. If you live a busy, active and stressful lifestyle, make sure to make time for yourself and do your body a favor by spending that time getting a massage with Gina Hansel."

- Meg Lyon


-Laura Meyer

"As an automotive technician, I have body aches in places you don’t even know you can ache, and one day my neck tightened up at work and I could barely turn my head in one direction. I’ve had this before and all I can usually do is wait it out and use ice and heat, but this time I decided to do something about it. Gina scheduled me in within a day or two and with her amazing massage and seemingly endless knowledge of how the body works, I was feeling almost completely better within two days of the massage. It usually takes weeks. Her understanding of what would work for me was very impressive, and she applied it well. I can’t say enough about how friendly and professional she was, and she was able to give a very strong massage which is the way I needed it done apparently in order to get any real results beyond just the relaxation of the massage itself. I feel a lot of trust with the information she shared with me and will certainly be returning to her. I actually gifted one of her massages to my wife for her birthday and she had nothing but great things to say as well. Well done Gina, highly recommended."

- Joe Coates

"My body was long overdue for a massage. My neck was starting to tense up when I would turn a certain way and I had a pain in the left side of my back. I explained my situation to Gina and she was able to work out all the knots and kinks in my body. She made sure she took her time and any question that I had for her, she was able to explain. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to your muscles and ligaments, which made me gain trust in her. I have left massage therapists before still hurting. She has a gentle touch but was still able to get in there and alleviate my pain. I left feeling so relaxed and my body felt brand new. I didn't feel uncomfortable at any moment and she has such good positive vibes. What more can you ask for? I would definitely recommend anyone I know in need of a professional massage to see Gina Hansel. You will not be disappointed!"

- Jess Pugliese

"Gina was very professional and I had a great session.  She worked all of the pain and tension out of my muscles.  I would highly recommend her and will be seeing her again soon."

Cathleen Bond

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